Monday, February 6, 2012

Kid's Cakes

This past weekend I had two cakes. One for a little boy turning 7. One for a little girl turning 8.

This was my first Barbie cake. Smoothing buttercream on a curve is fun... ha. I definitely don't do that often (as well as ruffles... I re-did these at least 3 times. I should work on those too). I finally got the icing how I liked it, then decided I needed to move the top peace sign up a little. You could tell where I tried to re-smooth the icing to move the peace sign. Oh well. The peace sign does look better where it is. By the way, the peace signs were Skylar's request. And the dress is light purple, even if you can't tell from the picture. 

 Hopefully you can tell this is supposed to be a Lego cake. I found one by the Hudson Cakery I really liked.  
I used this as inspiration for my cake. Not sure how well I did...
I saw a cake on Pinterest today that was a really cute Lego cake. Who knows what it would've looked like if I'd done it though : p
HowTo: LEGO Cake
Here are some cake bites I made for my brother's birthday. I was shipping them so I didn't mind how they looked (even though I always want my stuff to look nice), who knows what could happen en route. I don't do cake bites very often and I'm not that good. But they got to my brother and he liked them so that's all that matters. I really need to move back "home" (where my entire family is) so I can make them birthday cakes! And not resort to pitiful cake bites. That's a good enough reason to move, right??

No cakes planned for this weekend. Hopefully I'll get a jumpstart on my cake for the competition that is rapidly approaching! I'm excited! Cross your fingers that what I have planned works!


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