Thursday, February 16, 2012


This past weekend I had big plans to make some progress on my cake competition cake. Well, for reasons I'll explain post-competition, I was unable to do so. I hated that, but it also freed up some time for me to make a red velvet cake that I was wanting to make! You know, Valentine's Day was on its way and red velvet just seemed perfect. And I haven't made it in a looong time so it needed to happen.

 Look how nice and red.
Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I've had issues with cakes sticking to the pans. I've picked up a few different type of sprays and thought I'd try them out.
There's Crisco Canola, Market Pantry Canola, and Pam with Flour
Well check that out. They all came out beautifully. Which makes me think it depends on the cake. I think the more moist the cake, the more likely it is to stick to the pan. Now... how to solve that...
 The 2 cakes I made. The top one is 2-layers and the bottom one is 3-layers.

 My first attempt at the ombre style. Gotta keep working on it. But I love the pinks :)
Check out this one by Sweet and Saucy. So pretty.
 Awww... Cheesy! It's allowed in February. I leveled off the cakes as usual and made this from some of the scraps. I did serve this to my Valentine :)
 The second of the red velvet cakes. I've been wanting to this technique for a while. I used my pearl string molds.  Ended up taking longer than I realized.  I imagined it in white, but I had these colors and would have to throw them out soon so I used them!! Worked for Valentine's anyway. Got enough pink/red yet? But I would have loved to put a flower or two on top. Had no time for this one but next time....
 Love the cut look. I'm kinda obsessed with that pretty red velvet.
I like this one even better, if I say so myself.

Alright, I gotta get down to business. Lots to do to prepare for the cake competition. Hopefully I'll have time to share with you this weekend! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!!

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