Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trial Saturday

Ahhh Saturday. I love 'em. And this is the first Saturday in over a month I didn't have anything planned. So I had big plans to try out a new cake recipe. I came up with a really cute cake design too! It included using several of my Christmas gifts too! Well things never go as planned. The cakes didn't come out of the pans nicely. What in the world am I doing wrong?! Well, needless to say, my cake design I was so excited about is canned.... for today. I had a few people try the cake and they thought it was great! At least there's that.

I did manage to accomplish a few other things. I practiced some gumpaste roses. And I used my new ball tool, which I now love!
 I actually only made the two big ones and one of the smaller ones today. The other three I made a few months back. I think I'll just make my own bouquet of flowers out of gumpaste!! They won't die like real flowers and I like them more than silk flowers :)

Here's some growing.

Pretty fun. Now I need to learn some other flowers...

I also played with my Cricut Cake today. It has been a while. I feel like today was pretty successful though.
These are on my old dummy cake. It was actually a layer in a wedding cake I did. The mother of the bride returned it to me! So I've been using it.
 I tried a few different ways. Might look rough in this situation... ha

 I thought I'd try out what it would look like if I piped it. Aaaand back to the Cricut.
Just playing around. Anyway, although all things didn't go as planned, still a good day! Wish I had more days like this! 


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