Sunday, August 28, 2011

Worn Out!

Whew!! In 9 days, I did 5 birthday cakes, ranging from 8" rounds to 2-tiered, a wedding cake, a groom's cake, and 142 cookies, decorated and bagged. I don't know about you, but that was enough to wear me out. I might fall asleep while typing this blog...

So obviously I have had a LOT going on and so much to share, but no time to share it! I'm not sure how far I'll get today because I do plan on taking a nap and I have laundry and other things to do. But I'm getting started at least!

I'll start from the beginning (a great place to start, right?). The first cakes of the nine days.

I did a 10 year old's beach themed birthday cake

The "sand" is brown sugar. Probably not the best option, but it was a last minute addition, that I am glad I added!

Transferring to the cake was not an easy task. 

On to the second. A Brave's Jersey for a 9 year old little boy at my church:
I baked a 9x13 and somehow managed to make this shape :)
crumb coat
I found the perfect place to do my fondant work! Right in front of the computer :) The picture explains it. I had some red fondant and used the exacto knife to cut out the Braves. Freehand! Surprised myself! 
There you go!
I'm pretty happy with it :)
Apparently the dad's friends were more impressed than the 9 year olds. That's fine with me! As long as someone is impressed :)

I'm going to split all my posts up like I would've if I had done them when I'd finished the cakes. Hopefully that way they'll be easier to read too!


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