Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not a Plain Plane Cake

Like that play on words? Yeah, I'm tired... But every time I say "plane cake," it makes me think of "plain." That's just not the case, at least for me, who stayed up till 4 am working on the cake and got up at 8 am to finish it.

I knew about this cake several weeks in advance. I knew my plans for it and tried to prepare well. That can be difficult sometimes when your life is crazy!! Mine usually isn't but in the past few weeks it has been. No complaints, just saying :) I made the cake topper at the beginning of the week to make sure it was dry and ready to go by Saturday.
These are rice crispies covered in buttercream
Here's the plane covered in red fondant
The wings are out to dry too.

I made pretty much everything I would need in advance. Then I had the two birthday cakes to make. When I finished those and had the cakes for this baked, I sat down with my husband for dinner and time with him. I've been so busy, I have to at least give him a few hours of my time! Well, we fell asleep watching tv. I woke up at 11pm and I knew I had to work on the cake. It had to be ready by 10:30 am on Saturday and there would not be enough time the next morning.

So I get to work. Once I finally woke up some, I was fine. I'd rather get as much done as possible than leave it till the morning. Too stressful that way. I was nervous when I started doing the plane. I wondered if I'd waited too late to do it, if what I planned would work, if the royal icing would dry... sheesh. It all worked out though! 
I ended up having to trim the bottom wings and the red "bars" but, again, it all turned out ok, thank God! 
I used these lovely ribbon rounds to hold up the wings while the royal icing dried. 
Then I added the face and propeller (something else I was nervous about because I did not make in advance). I loved it once I added the face! How cute!

Then the rest of the planes!
These took a while. Done by hand again. By the way, the inspiration for this cake was the party decor:
I had the 3-D plane (mostly) complete, the 2-D fondant planes complete, the cakes iced, and stacked. All I had to do in the morning was decorate (or so I remember). So around 4am I go to bed with my alarm set for 8am! (Again, I think... I know that's what time I got up. I might have set it for 9 and my husband woke me up earlier, not knowing what time I went to bed. He let me sleep but once I was up, I knew I had that cake to finish and had to get up and finish it!)
Good morning!! Don't you love air bubbles?? I sure... don't. I feel like I get them all the time, and I'm not sure why. I know it might seem obvious, but I don't know what happens. And I can never get them to go down either. I worked on this one a while. When I was delivering it, it was popping up again. Bummer. Fortunately it wasn't that obvious... I think. Maybe I just took pictures that hid it, haha!

I take a lot of pictures. A lot. And because I can, I want to post them all... 

I added wheels!
He's stuck in there with a dowel. Still stressful driving around with it.
You can see the slight bubble remaining in this pic.
Oh yeah! I had a smash cake too! Thank goodness I had extra batter and decided to bake a 6 inch because I don't like to waste cake. Small blessings.

All done! What a cake. Whew! I do kinda like it... :) You have to admit, that 3-D plane is cute! Thank goodness my husband was home to drive me to deliver it. I held it but that plane on top got me pretty nervous! We met the dad so then it was up to him to get it there. I believe it arrived safely! Hooray!


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