Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here's the cake I did this weekend! It is for a friend of mine's wedding shower. She's getting married in a few weeks and I'll be doing her wedding cake too! Her colors are black and jade. I've now learned what color "jade" is.  I'm pretty happy with the cake. I could've done better with icing the cake but I'm ok with how it is. I made sure to give myself as much time as possible so I wasn't rushed. That's never fun. But I worked all day yesterday and had to go to work this morning. But it all worked out.

I was most nervous about the bow. I've done them before
Looking back at these pictures, I'm happy with how they turned out (as long as you don't look too closely I suppose). But making them can be stressful. I make the loops, they're ready to go.... and I'm like "crap, how do I assemble it..." I don't know that I've used the same method more than once.  But today it went very well! I wasn't nervous that the loops were going to fall or anything like that.

I believe that sometimes I've just used royal icing. Then I had to use something to prop of the loops to where ever I wanted the loop to be while the royal dried. I think I used a ball of fondant to support a loops once. Then I saw something online about using a ball of fondant and stick the loops in it. I hope that makes sense. So this time I did the same and used some royal icing colored jade to match the bow to also help everything adhere. I like this method! Of course, if you look up really close it's not that clean. But it works for now. Hopefully the more I do it, the cleaner it'll look.
 After (go ahead and laugh that the picture is not centered. I was trying to hurry)

Time to start planning for the next cake! And clean the kitchen...


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