Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I have had a request for a cake decorated with chocolate covered strawberries. No big deal... I've never made them but I will find a way to make that happen, even if I have to buy them. So I research some chocolate covered strawberry prices. Yikes. Not that surprised that they are expensive but still, goodness! They don't seem too difficult so I decided to try them out myself.

I bought some strawberries on Saturday, determined to try it out. After the previous weekend, I was kinda lazy this past weekend. Not so much lazy as just relaxing some :) I got things accomplished but not everything I had wanted to. I decided I was going to do them today before my strawberries go bad!! Wow, they were so easy and took barely any time!
Here's how I did it: (still working on taking pictures while I do things, ha)
 I melted some milk chocolate candy melts. I put them in the microwave for 30 second intervals at power level 5 until nicely melted. It took me about 3 times I think. And the last time I cut down the time.
 Then I just held the leaves back and dipped the strawberry.
Shake a little.
Then place on wax paper!! Ta-da!

I had extra chocolate so I decided to do a little drizzle. Obviously not being too particular about it, haha.

I obviously had to try one to make sure they are acceptable. I can't complain!! Next time I might use better quality chocolate, but I had the candy melts on hand. Still not bad... Yum :)

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