Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shopping Cake

I told you guys I'd be back soon :)

Yesterday, a lady asked me to do a cake for her daughter-in-law who is turning 30. She wanted to make it special since it's her 30th. She told me her daughter-in-law liked to shop so that's the theme I went with. I would've liked to try out a purse cake but it was last minute and I know if I had tried, it would've been awful with lack of planning.

Instead things went so smoothly!! When I find out about it yesterday, I baked the cakes and made the icing. Then I worked on the design. 

Today, I dirty-iced it and then iced it using this upside-down frosting technique from Jessicakes. I had tried before but in more of a high-stress situation. This time I was calm and had plenty of time. It was pretty successful in my opinion! Definitely check it out!
 It might be silly, but sometimes I get excited when I dirty ice a cake. It'll have a nice shape and seem great! Doesn't always mean my cake will end up that way, unfortunately.
 Using the upside-down frosting technique. My excitement continues... it might not look like it, but the cake was smooth and looked great compared to other my icing experiences.
Everything with this cake went great. I did the icing bit. When it was in the fridge, I did all of the decorations out of fondant. I used my Cricut Cake some more (yipee!) with great results. 

The only bad parts of this cake was that when I turned it back over, I should've taken the cake board off and put it directly on the board I serve it on. Lesson learned. Not really a big deal except that I was nervous it would slide off of the board since the cake wasn't directly on it. Also, I had to change up my design to hide the board, but I'm still happy with the outcome.

Also, I ended up with a little "lip" on the edge of my cake. Not something that really bothered me. It was one of those situations where I'd rather just accept it than try to fix it and mess it up more. It really wasn't that bad, but something I'll try to address next time.
 Look at that shape! That's been a goal of mine ever since I started decorating. I'm glad to see I'm getting there.
My Cricut work. I love piping, but I hate making black icing. I think this turned out nice too! I was going to decorate the 30 with pink icing, but I thought this was a nice finish.
 I think I love everything about this cake :)
One thing is the pink! I love it! Definitely compared to that last pink cake I made. It's just too bright. I think this is girly and sophisticated.
 That's a dress on the left, just in case you can't tell. My husband couldn't.
 Purse and stiletto

 By the way, no Cricut cutouts here. All the decorations on the side were hand cut. They weren't too bad though. Especially the bags, ha!
This is my favorite! A little shopping bag with fluffy tissue! 

Well I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did (which  you probably didn't, but thanks for looking!). I hope I didn't come off snobbish, talking well of my cake. But usually I have several, several negatives things to say about my cakes, so this is a rare, happy occasion!


  1. Wow! I've never seen the upside down technique. I will have to try that. I've been pretty much using crusting buttercream recipes, but have been itching to try some different ones. Do you have any favorites?

  2. @Pattie

    Buttercream recipes? I skip around, but I have been sticking to butter-based ones. They allow you to smooth them out after being refrigerated. You should check this out:

  3. Lydia, first of all, thanks for giving out my link - yo are SO sweet! Secondly, your cakes are getting a lot smoother and looking terrific!! No one will think you're snobbish... as decorators we will always see every tiny flaw, but liking what you make is part of enjoying what you do!