Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Showers

About time for another post! This weekend I had someone ask me to do petite fours for a baby shower and I had a cake for a baby shower at church. I'm always excited to do anything and even more so to share it with you now!

I have only done petite fours a handful of times. Seriously... once, twice, maybe three times? I don't mind doing them, but I'm not very good at them (probably because I don't do them often) and there's not much to decorate, which I enjoy doing. And I don't make true petite fours. Mine are simple, but I haven't gotten any complaints so I keep doing them the same! I don't have any jam filling or marzipan topping. Mine are vanilla cake with buttercream and poured fondant. Here's how I do it...
 I baked a 9x13 cake, leveled it, then covered with buttercream.
Then I cover (very well and completely) with saran wrap and put it in the freezer. I let them stay there over night. The next day I start my poured fondant:

  • 2 pounds of powdered sugar
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of light corn syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • dye
Stir over low heat until completely incorporated.
I wanted to do two colors so after it was mixed I poured "half" into another pot then added the dyes. The consistency shouldn't be too thin because it'll run right off the petite fours. It takes some practice to figure out the consistency you need. If it's too thick it might topple over the petite fours. Or that could be because mine are tall.... 

After the poured fondant was ready, I pulled out the cake from the freezer and started to cut it.
 I ran the serrated knife under warm water and wiped it dry before cutting. Also, I just free-hand cut. I'm not too particular, but feel free to measure it out. I suppose my petite fours are probably larger and taller than "regular" petite fours. Oh well.

Then I placed a few cut pieces of cake on a cooling rack over a cutting board (are they still called boards when they're plastic?) 
 Pour the fondant over the cakes.

 So I don't have a trick for covering them perfectly. I'm up for advice.
Let it drip. I use a spatula to scrape up the fondant on the cutting board and put it back in the pot.
 So not the best, but there you go. The theme was green and yellow/lemon and limes. At least I got that!
Here are a few petite fours from the past:

 I was really happy with the pink batch! That's why I was really positive going into this batch. I think it helps to go with a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar. I had a big bag so I did it by cups and it might have thrown the mixture off. And it made it trickier since I divided the poured fondant. You can always add more powdered sugar or water depending if it's too thin or too thick. But it really worked well with the exact 2 pounds of powdered sugar. I'll have to make them again with the exact 2 pounds and see if that's why they turned out so well.

Alright, I think I'll make a new post for the next baby shower. This one is kinda lengthy. Off I go!


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