Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Bum

I was really excited to do this cake! It was for a baby shower at church so I got to decide what to do. I was told it was a girl and I could go from there! I have seen these baby bum cakes and I think they are so cute! Earlier in the week, I decided to make some marshmallow fondant. I had some time and have been planning on making it again some time. I made it once and it was ok... It turned out really sticky and I ended up putting them on cookies.
 I played with my Cricut Cake too. I was having a hard time and used whatever I could actually get to cut, therefore the random decorations.

My friend gave me this link for how to make it. But I've talked to someone who said that making marshmallow fondant in your KitchenAid will kill the motor. I don't know if that's true, but I was scared to take the risk. So I used the same ingredients but mixed it in a bowl, then kneaded it on the counter.
  I was going to take more pictures but I wasn't sure if it was actually going to turn out! I almost completely started over but it ended up turning out. Something I still need to practice more. I've seen cakes with marshmallow fondant that I would have definitely guessed it was regular fondant. I definitely am not any where close to that. 

Now for the bum!! I needed a sports ball pan so I bought one (40% off at Hobby Lobby. I love coupons). Baking that went well. I can probably fill it fuller next time. But I didn't want to risk an overflow this time.

Covered with marshmallow fondant

I read how someone used cake for the legs and rice crispies for the feet. I was working on that.... until I realized that I had a bunch of marshmallow fondant that I could just form to the shapes. Kinda of a cop out, but I'm not sure how it would've turned out if I had used the cake and crispies. They were rough... So I'm glad how I did for this time. And I don't feel guilty for using fondant because it was marshmallow fondant so it was cheaper! :) 

I think it's cute!! The legs, feet, and toes are a little "glossy" because right before I made them I used some shortening because it was getting dry/sticky, but I added too much. It's a sweaty baby! haha! For my first one, I'm pleased!


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