Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lack of Creativity

I haven't had many cakes recently... which is ok. I'm still enjoying a break and have been finding other things to do such as a trip to my hometown :) Anyway, here's one I did this week

I got to decide how to decorate this one. I was excited about it but of course with my indecision (it's a serious problem) and lack of creativity (what I'm focusing on today) it's not that easy. I search ideas, pictures, etc. I had a few ideas, then ended up doing this because pretty much I was running out of time. I'm not that impressed. And I don't think the squares/rectangles go with the curly hand writing. But I was determined not to do the scrolls

Some people did ask me to do those on those specific cakes, but scroll decor is my "go to" decoration. I really like scrolls. Maybe that's why I had them on my wedding cake
Love it

Anyway, I'm just not creative. I'm not complaining. I'm stating a fact about myself. I remember in the 3rd grade (or sometime in elementary school) we had to write a story. Make one up on our own.... I was reading a book about a mean substitute teacher. I totally ended up writing pretty much the same story. I tried to change some stuff so I wasn't copying but I probably didn't do a good job. I was young... Point: No creativity. Haha! 

And I just received 6 cake dummies that I ordered! I can make cakes that look like whatever I want to... Ha, not sure how I'll decide. If you have any suggestions, please share :)


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