Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Oh, I've got a good story to go along with this... At least I think so. I had cupcakes to make for a wedding shower at my church today. Fun fact: the girl (bride) went to high school with me, which was in TN and we're in AL. She's engaged to a guy that goes to our church. Anyway, of course I wanted to make some gorgeous cupcakes. The theme that I knew of was traditional so I was sticking with white. I planned on making some gumpaste roses and flowers and bows. I baked the cupcakes yesterday and planned on decorating today. I had done some gumpaste flowers but still needed to make the roses. I'll throw in some pics now so you don't get bored from my story...
A gumpaste flower is born... Note: using 100% gumpaste is tough. It dries fast!

Anyway. The flowers take a bit longer than planned and I made a few more gumpaste flowers. I make the icing and started piping and realize I've got about 45 minutes before the shower. I wanted to get there early, which is easier said than done for some people. I finish up and quickly get dressed.... no time for a shower so my hair is in a lovely ponytail/bun and pretty obvious that it has not been washed today. But I'm going to make it!! I wrap the present, ever so nicely (haha). I'm getting stuff in the car and ready to go!


  • I have a present. It's wrapped! With a gift receipt.
  • I'm dressed to go to the shower instead of showing up in whatever I've had on while making the cupcakes (aka a slobby look)
  • The cupcakes are decorated and looking good.
  • My fingernails are all the same colors. Back story: I was looking at nail polish yesterday and tried out a couple colors on my thumbs. So all my fingernails are pink except my thumbs which are two different colors, ha!!
  • I'm going to make it before the shower!
Two seconds after I've left, I realize I have forgotten the plates I was supposed to bring for the cupcakes. I go back to my house and set off our alarm. Very smooth so far... I make it to the church without destroying any of the cupcakes. Cupcakes are worse travelling with than cakes, for sure. I rush in and set up the cupcakes. No one seemed to really be worried about timing but I'm still proud that I made it there early even if it was only 2 minutes. I get the cupcakes set up, the arranged, the gift inside and take a seat....

Now if this has not been an entertaining story so far, here's a pretty awful part: My dress is unzipped. It zips up on the side and it's open. No clue how long it's been like that... I did zip it up when I got dressed, don't get me wrong. But something is wrong with the zipper. You know when a zipper separates, it can come unzipped even if the pull zipper is up (I don't know all the correct zipper terminology). So I was able to get the zipper back down and it zip up correctly. By the way, I did have an undershirt on so I wasn't showing off half my body :) Well that was fun... Pretty sure I'll be paranoid whenever I wear that dress now.

So on to the cupcakes :)

To prove I was in a hurry, check out the 2 cupcakes I managed to take a picture of that have no decorations at all. I didn't even realize till I got to the shower.
I took some pictures at the shower too. I like to have staged pictures but I didn't have time so I figured at the shower would be better than on my kitchen counter (above). 
I'm still a little embarrassed to pull out my camera at an event to take pictures so here are the few I clicked really fast.

Alright well I need to get to work... tomorrow is family and friends day at church and I have LOTS of sweets planned for the fellowship. Hopefully I can bake all I have planned. There are 3 desserts and 2 are new recipes I've recently found. I'm excited and hopefully will share it all with you tomorrow!


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