Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hawaiian Cake Pops

I was asked to do cake pops for a girl's 13th birthday. Hibiscus flowers are her party decor. How do you incorporate hibiscus flowers into cake pops!? One idea was to make the pops (as a whole) in the shape of a hibiscus. That was tough because they have that stamen that sticks out the middle. And I was nervous it wouldn't be obvious what I had tried to do.

My idea was to just cover the styrofoam with a hibiscus print and place the pops in the shape of 13. Then I was chatting with my husband about it and he suggested doing each individual cake pop in the shape of a flower. Great idea!! He really surprises me sometimes. I know he's not the biggest fan of this cake stuff but he's picked up a lot along the way. Throwing out terms like modeling chocolate in conversation (I'm sure only with me ;) I love it. And he really helps me out!

So I still decide to cover the styrofoam with the hibiscus print (which is a plastic table cover from Party City) and do the flower shaped pops in the colors of the hisbiscuses (ha... plural of hibiscus) from the table cover.

 Here's the cake mixed with icing rolled out
Cutting out the flower shapes
 I place them on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper
Once I have them all cut out I place them in the freezer while I heat up the candy melts
Start by dipping the lollipop stick in the candy melts, just a bit
Place the cake on the stick. This is when being cold from the freezer helps. They don't need to be frozen. Just about 15 minutes in the freezer. Also, make sure the cake is nice and mixed up. Some of mine weren't (which you can tell by the picture of them on the wax paper) and they would crack once I dipped them.
Dip. I move mine around some to make sure it's covered.
Then tap, shake, whatever you prefer to get the extra candy off. See how much a better shape it is than the previous picture?
This is the first time I've done cake pops purposefully. Ha, if that makes sense. Usually I make them from cake scraps that I hate to waste. Then I just put them in whatever styrofoam I might have....
 Styrofoam covered in fanci foil. Classy....
Not even fanci foil.

 ...or put them upside down in a mini-cupcake cup or in a bag...
 Step up from the styrofoam
Didn't quite turned out as cute as planned, but whatev

Anyway, the point is that I'm pretty happy with how these turned out! I thought it was a decent display
 I tried to jumble up the colors
Over 50 of those bad boys

And check this out....
Haha, those are the backs of my lovely flower cake pops. Not too nice.... Hey, like I said I usually do these on a whim. I'm still learning :) Can't end on a bad pic:
Thanks for stopping by!!! Stay tuned. Big Enormous week next week. Lots, lots, lots to do... Just an idea of what I mean: 14 cakes to bake. I'm counting each individual layer but that's how I look at it! Anyway, you'll read all about it when we get there. 

Back to laundry, dishes, and ironing! So far I've been fairly productive today :)


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