Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Wedding

I had a wedding and a groom's cake this weekend. I've only done a handful of weddings, but this has probably been the smoothest yet! I had a lot going on last year when I did a few weddings. One was my first serious wedding cake so I was nervous and the reception was an hour away from my house and it was July (hot hot hot)! Another, I had never been to the location (an hour away also) and we were running behind. By the time we got there and finally found where we were supposed to go, it was dangerously close to the reception. The third, it was raining, we have no garage, the reception location had no covered parking/entry area. Fun stuff. 

I don't regret any of those opportunities!! I'm so glad I got the chance to make those wedding and groom's cakes! And everything turned out fine for each one. There was stress involved though :) 

This past weekend was a breeze. I planned ahead (as usual) and managed to stick to my schedule. I think I was calmer, possibly having a tid-bit of confidence this time. Believe me, I kept myself in check... I just wasn't as worried about "what ifs". Everything would work out as long as I stayed focused and did what I needed to do. 

I managed to get done early!!! I had time to shower and look decent for the delivery!! That never happens. {Hope that doesn't gross y'all out. It's not like I'm disgusting, but I usually don't have time to care what my hair looks like etc}

We got there in plenty of time and dropped off the cakes! It was fantastic. I'm so excited about both of the cakes!
 I realized later that I'm pretty sure this is my first 4-tiered cake (without a fake layer in there). 
 I'm almost more excited about the groom's cake than the wedding cake! The icing turned out so pretty (I've had issues with chocolate icing before not being very smooth). The ganache turned out!! The chocolate covered strawberries were good to go!!

 I haven't heard from the bride but I hope she liked it as much as I did!

Whew, now if anything would've made me nervous it was that. I've never made it before. I meant to a week or so a go and did not have a chance. I followed Bakerella's Ganache Recipe. The key is to wait. Once you finish making it, it's very thin and you have to wait for it to thicken to pour it. I wish I had kept an eye on the time, but I'm pretty sure it took over an hour to thicken some. I kept checking it and was starting to wonder... But I made the ganache before the chocolate icing so I iced and decorated the cake while it sat. I waited as long as I could before I put it on. It finally thickened up some and it was now or never. I put it in a ziploc bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner then went for the cake. I was so pumped about how it worked out!! It was just what I was going for. Just squeeze a little more when you want it to drip more and less when you don't. Hooray!!

 I ended up having way too many strawberries. I didn't put them on the cake till I got there. I would've eaten all the extra! But we were headed to the outlet mall, then dinner, then the beach so they were no good to me. I did eat one before I left :)
I attempted to take a picture at home before we left on my stand, but the lighting wasn't very good. But here it is anyway!

Alright, well until next weekend!! Have a great week!


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