Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone Fishin'

I had three cakes for this weekend and I'd love to share them with you! The pictures, of course... :)

First was for a little boy's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately he got sick this week with something that is very contagious, especially to little kids so they had to cancel the party. But the mom still wanted to celebrate on his birthday so I just made a smaller version of the original cake. It was a fishing theme.
 My brother found an app that lets you put pictures into frames like this. This is what I was talking about on my last post. I see these all the time and really like them!! Now if only there was a way to do it on my computer. I do have photoshop, and I'm sure I can do lots with it that I don't even realize.
 The fisherman just hanging out :) 
The 2 is on the boat since it was the boy's 2nd birthday.
 Another angle on the turtle so you can see his shell better.
I drew on the "circles" with an edible pen, as well as the eyes.
 A bucket of fish.
 The bucket really had individual fish in it. I thought they were cute.
 The ducks and unfinished turtle with some rocks.
 The rice crispies boat. It wasn't very smooth when I covered it in fondant because of the rice crispies, but it was what it was (haha sounds funny in the past tense).
My almost-completed boat and fisherman.
I would love to take a class on making figures/animals/etc. Obviously, mine need some work. They don't look like they'd be hard, but not 
as easy as you'd think. What bugs me is how you can see there's a seam, for lack of better words. Check this out: 
See how you can see the "seam" right across his face and on his body? That's no good.

But overall I was happy with how it turned out :)

I also ended up doing some last minute fish cookies to go with:

These were interesting. I found a fish cookie cutter the day before the cake was due. The mother had mentioned fish cookies but we weren't sure if we could find a cutter. So I end up doing some... then I wasn't sure how to decorate them! The shape of the cutter has that bump on the top and a wide tail and 2 fins on the bottom. I ended up doing this. What do you think? I might just be used to them now and think they look ok, but first thought, are they weird?? 

Also, I was trying to go with natural, earthy colors so I picked burgundy. I'd already used a lot of green and blue. When I mixed the burgundy it came out pink!! Oh my gosh... but it did darken once they dried. It was much brighter than this. And I had a blue dye that's kinda close to a gray. It turned out purple. So I added true blue to it to get that color. Strange. 

I was going to put all 3 cakes on this one post, but since I've said so much already, I'll split them up :)


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