Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peacocks and Mermaids

A friend of mine has a sister turning 16! Big birthday. So she wanted a big and special cake. My friend got her sister these really cute shoes with a peacock on them. They're really cute. I was excited to see them too because I'd been planning on making a feather as similar to a peacock's as I could. But these feathers seemed to be more simple and easier to pull off. Well you tell me.
The first feather I did made me nervous. By the time I'd done them all I was happy with it. But I'm still not sure how others saw it... Or if they had any idea what it was supposed to be. Alright, here are the shoes...
 Requested colors were turquoise, pink, and red. I thought the cakes being blue would be best with red and pink details.
 I also had a really cute 16 to put on top but it cracked when I put the lollipop sticks in.
 Not sure why that happened. That's why you make back ups! Even though I should've made another back up like this one. My go-to back ups are my cookie cutter numbers. Not the best but usually reliable.

 The next cake was a Little Mermaid cake. The birthday girl's mom sent a picture of a cake that she liked so I used it as my guide. Fortunately she also had an Ariel figurine I was able to use. I do need some lessons on figures. Maybe I can find a (cheap and close) class.

 The birthday girl requested a purple cake so that's what she got! Easy way to make a little girl happy.
 I had fun working on the details.
See the extra numbers... just in case! :)
 Oh yeah, one more. A cookies 'n cream cake. 
It's the first time I've ever made it. I just blended up Oreos and put them in my vanilla cake batter. I did the same for the buttercream. I had done this before for my sister's birthday. I really liked it then! It was paired with chocolate cake. Yum. The cake didn't taste as I expected but I got a few comments that people liked it so that's a good sign! But it did remind me I have several recipes I've been planning to try out... Hopefully I'll eventually do it :)


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