Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I really enjoy decorating cookies. I don't do it that often, unfortunately. It does take up a good amount of time to just do a few, but if I have the time to focus and decorate, it's so much fun!! I was really determined to do some Christmas cookies this year and I managed it! Yay!!

Ready for pictures? I'm not holding back.
 The most boring ones, but still cute, right?
 Candy Canes
 "Frahhhhsty the snowman!!"
(We've been doing a lot of caroling lately)
 A larger snowman that is arm-less 
 Snowman family
 Stockings for everyone!
 I had some sprinkles leftover from last year so I was able to do the holly!
Don't worry, sprinkles last a year. I've been eating them.
 Christmas tree... the swirl was on purpose.
 many a Christmas tree
 like the sprinkles to make it look "fuzzy"??? I do!

A nice review of all of them :)

I think I've made some improvements from last Christmas...

Wow, I'm rethinking even showing those. And I was reeaaallly proud of those last year. Yikes.
Speaking of more cookie fails... I decided to make some chocolate oatmeal cookies (the best cookies ever!).  I thought I'd try to shape them into Christmas shapes. It might've worked better if I hadn't added too many oats (arg!! --although still not bad:)

 Them falling apart
A few made it, which made me realize they're just not appealing so might as well just make them in blobs. Or eat out of the pot... But I wouldn't ever do that.. :D

Sooo since it's Christmas I want to share some cute decorations I have! These are just a few I just snapped since they're in the kitchen.
 adorable penguin cookie jar
incredibly cute penguin pepper and salt shakers
my "baking" tree
notice the ornaments
(that's a baking snowman!)
 Isn't this precious?!
And cookies on cookie sheets!!
My mother-in-law got me all these. They are just too cute!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Christmas!!



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