Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creeper and Lingerie

I had 3 cakes to make last week! Lots of fun, since it seems like it's been a while. Of course someone asked me to do one when I'm headed out of town. I'm pretty sure every time I go somewhere someone asks for a cake, which I hate to turn down, and then end up doing it in advance which leads to the questions about the best way to preserve a cake for a couple days.... It always works out, at least so far (knock on wood). 

The first was for a birthday for a boy who goes to our church. Apparently he is a big fan of Minecraft (a video game). I'm not very familiar with the game so that's always fun when you're supposed to make a cake as a character of the game. His mom did send me pictures and I did get her approval when she picked it up! Hopefully the boy thought it was enough like the character from the game. The character is called Creeper.

From the pictures I saw, he looked pixelated like that. I couldn't think of any other way to do that other than little squares of fondant. I'm not good at thinking outside of the box, so if there's another way, let me know. I wouldn't have said that right after I finished this though. Seriously it took me about three hours to put all those squares on. three hours.
First I rolled out some fondant.
 Then cut strips one way.
Then cut strips perpendicular to the first strips.
Obviously I did it in several different shades of green. You can see some already cut in the first picture.

I liked how it turned out. I've wanted to do a mosaic cake, just didn't think it'd be like this, ha.

The next cake was for one of my oldest friends. She got married this past Saturday! Of course I had to make her lingerie cake. I only wish I would've made it a little more risque ;)
I wanted to try the pleated look (or whatever that's called)
I drew the lines on with edible pen. Didn't work as well as I planned.
This part was fun. Once I had done all of the purple fondant, I realized I should've covered it all with purple or gone ahead and done some flesh colored fondant. Well, I finished the purple and just left it because I had plans that would just cover it up anyway. Those plans didn't work and I had traveled over 400 miles with the cake so the purple was pretty much permanent. I tried to stuff some nude fondant under there. It turned out alright. Really no one looked at that side so no big deal. And it does look better than it started. I tend to learn the hard way. Ha, but sometimes I feel like I could think things out forever and still encounter something I hadn't thought of. 

There's 2 of the 3! The third deserves its very own post. You'll see.


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