Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby Shower Cookies

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I did! My husband and I managed to get Friday off so we had a long weekend and my mom, dad, and brother came to visit! I also got to make several new recipes :)

First off, I made some cookies almost a week ago, but could not share them yet. They were for my cousin's baby shower... 400 miles away. I made them early so I could ship them off and had to wait for after the shower to post them. They were a surprise for my cousin and family.

I tried a new recipe from Sweet Sugarbelle. Loved it!! I like the other recipe I have, but (like most sugar recipes) you have to chill the dough overnight. You don't have to with this one! And the last time I did my recipe, I had some trouble with it (probably my fault, not the cookie dough's). This new recipe worked so well!!
 Aren't they pretty?? I love making baby shower cookies. And just making cookies... Anyway, I tried this new royal icing mix I got at a cake supply store back in April. It's about time I used it. It worked very well but I don't have direct access to it so making it from scratch works just as well.
Ready for pictures? I took tons. Not surprised? You shouldn't be because I always take alot :)
Here's the invitation. I used colors from this.
 Here are some of my favorite
 baby carriages
Gotta have some baby bottles
 All wrapped with matching ribbon :)
That was the easy part. Then I went to FedEx to ship them. Whew. I was there an hour and in that time just about every customer that came in ended up not shipping there package because it was so expensive. One guy's package cost over $300! To ship the cookies overnight would've been over $100. (I didn't choose that one, haha) And I had planned on packing the box myself, but the fedex guy said he could do it better (pretty much verbatim. he said that). Whatever, I wanted them to show up in one piece. So many lessons learned. No big deal. I had to wait 4 days to find out if they successfully made it, but they did and it all turned out great!! The next best thing would actually get to attend the shower! Maybe one day I'll make it to someone's...


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