Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedding Cake No. 3

Another wedding cake done. Whew. I've hit a wall... I cannot believe I'm about to say this... I don't want to think about cakes. I don't want to make one. I don't really want to see one either. I want a clean kitchen and I want a free night. A night to relax with my husband. Scratch that: several nights to relax with my husband. I want to go to bed at a decent hour. I want to be free of the incredible amount of stress I have felt lately.

Do not misunderstand me. I am pretty sure I won't be giving up my hobby. But I need a break. I think I've taken on a little too much recently. I hate to admit that too. Since April 30th, I have done at least one cake (or cookies or cake pops) a week. That might not sound like much and it wasn't for a couple of months. It's just all piled up. In roughly a month I have done 3 wedding cakes/groom's cakes. That's a really big deal to me. I'm very glad I had the opportunities and do not regret accepting them. But I don't remember the last time I've felt that much stress.

I just need to clean up the kitchen and finish this pantry construction. Did I mention we are redoing our pantry? It'll be very helpful when done, but it's just more going on in our house. But my hubby has done an amazing job!

I just have to hang in there for 2 more weeks and I get to escape for a weekend! Yay!

Anyway, on to these cakes... I've got a few random pictures.
Here's the enormous 14". Notice how I've worked it out so the cake is cooling on all 3 cooling racks. I probably need some larger ones. Also note the time. 2:40. That's a.m.
This is "orange" velvet cake! The groom's cake was an Auburn theme and red velvet has a close resemblance to Alabama. So why not make it orange? I'm not sure how much I really liked that color, but it was done and it had a purpose so hopefully it went over well.

The bride never decided on a design so I got to choose. We had planned to do a 4 tier round cake. I was excited about this because the last two wedding cakes I did were alternating shaped tiers. That's fine, but I was looking forward to doing an all round cake. I saw the bride on Monday and she asked if I could do the alternating shapes. Whatever the bride wants! Fortunately it was supposed to feed the same amount of guests as the July wedding cake I did. So I already knew the sizes to do and I happened to have a 8" square cake dummy. Perfect! I tested out my design on the cake dummy a couple days before.
I really liked it. Of course, I didn't think about the 14" square would (hypothetically) be the same height so I couldn't make the decoration any bigger because that would make it taller. Fortunately, I think it turned out alright.
Here's the fun with Cricut Cake.
But I was able to figure out how to get it to cut nicely. Isn't it wonderful?! :)

Wondering about that groom's cake? Here you are...
That's cream cheese icing. Have I said I hate c.c. icing? One day we'll become friends. Hopefully. I have to give it some credit though. It didn't fall off the cake. Yay!
Tiger Stripes
The making of the stripes

If you've paid attention to the weather (which I normally don't, ha) there's something going on in the gulf. Results: constant rain.

Here are the cakes, ready to go!
(The big one had a garbage bag ready to go)
Thank goodness the rain cooled down the temps.
And my sweet hubs pulled my car as close to our front door as possible. Soon after I finished everything, the rain let up and we were off! And we were ahead of schedule. That's the way to do it!
The rain didn't let up when we got there though. The trash bag cover up worked well though. All turned out fine.
I really like the mirrored table.
All done and ready to relax!!
13 days till the beach :)
I hope it's not raining then!


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