Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KitchenAid Collection

I GOT A NEW KITCHENAID!! woohoo!! I'm so excited!!! It's beautiful! 

I also got a few other things....

I think it all started with these
I would mix buttercream in my handy KitchenAid Artisan Mixer but need to take a break or whatever. It needed to be covered. Kind of a pain. And I don't think my method (towel over the KitchenAid) was efficient. So I thought "Of course KitchenAid would have bowl covers! They have everything!" Who knew, they do! I found them online at Kohl's and ran up to the store to buy some! Turns out they're online only, but Kohl's has this nifty kiosk in the store where you can order things from their online store. And free shipping to my house! I'm assuming it's on anything you order from there. I don't know if it works the same way online at home, but the store is close and I was there so that's how I did it. Click here to buy! They fit my 5 quart bowl to my Artisan and I received 2 the same size. I think one looks smaller in the picture on Kohl's site.
Isn't that nice?? And the dip in the middle is so you can put down the top of your KitchenAid while the bowl is in the mixer. How nice.

So I got my lovely lids, then thought it'd be really nice to have two bowls too!! Seriously with all that I have to bake sometimes it'd be marvelous, especially since I have my bowl covers. Well looking for bowls turned into looking for mixers. I thought I'd look on Craig's List to try to find a cheap one. Let's just say that was a big bust! (no one would ever respond to my emails!) Then I looked at Overstock.com. I kept seeing commercials for it so figured I'd check it out. I did all sorts of research to make sure I was really getting a good deal. I ended up with KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer. It is refurbished, but KitchenAid makes such wonderful, durable mixers, that it didn't bother me at all! I think I got a good deal. I was in Target today and saw a KitchenAid Classic for only $20 less than what I paid to get the Pro 600! 

I still am eyeing an extra bowl.

I figured I should see how things go with an extra mixer and then go from there. And maybe I'll want an extra 6 qt bowl instead of an extra 5 qt bowl. 

And another little toy I got that doesn't really connect with mixers is an Ateco Bench Scraper
Sweetapolita mentioned them in this post. My husband was ordering something from amazon.com so I decided to get it too. Free shipping! I have been looking for one in stores for so long! The one I have now is not ideal so I hope to fall in love with this one. I received it yesterday and I haven't used it yet. It is smaller than I realized it would be, but it's 4.5 inches high and I figure none of my cakes will be higher than that. At least they aren't now....usually. 

Oh yeah... and I bought a few more pans
You can never have too many right?! I was going to just buy a 10" pan because last weekend I had to bake four, but then thought "Hey, I should buy a set!" Of course I used my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon. Duh. This will be incredibly helpful. I only had one pan of each size so it would take so long baking layers. Now I have at least 2 of most round pans! Yay!

Next step (after rearranging the kitchen to make a lovely new home for my new mixer), make more storage! I'm thinking about demo-ing our tiny pantry to put in more shelves. It sounds so good in my head :) And I'm pretty determined to have my own baking kitchen in our next house... haha! Might not be very realistic, but if it worked out, that'd be ahhh-mazing! A girl can dream, right?


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